Doge Ya Know? Premium Bitcoin Fanny Pack
Doge Ya Know? Premium Bitcoin Fanny Pack

Doge Ya Know? Premium Bitcoin Fanny Pack

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The era of the Dogecoin craze. Will it last? Do you believe in the coin, or love the doge dog? Doge lover or doge hater? Either way, “let’s give em somethin’ to talk about…” Just don’t forget, Bitcoin will always be the OG. After all, altcoins learned everything they know from Bitcoin, doge ya know?

The fanny pack is BACK and this trend is on fire! Huh. Just like Bitcoin! And all the other cryptos! Has there ever been anything that makes more sense?

For hands-free adventure lovers who don’t want the strain of a purse or backpack on their shoulders, and don’t have that much to carry around anyway - you need this functional, conversation starter in your life. Are you on-the-go on the daily? Traveler? Festival goer? Yep. It’s perfect for all of you.

100% polyester and water resistant, this a low maintenance easy-to-clean wardrobe accessory and friendly stuff carrier. It’s 6.5″ (16 cm) in height, 13″ (33 cm) in width, and 2¾″ (7 cm) in diameter and the top zipper has 2 sliders and there’s a small inner pocket for your secret stuff too!

Check the size guide to choose the size most comfortable for your waistline.

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Size guide

  S/M M/L
Fanny Pack circumference (inches) 27 ⅝-37 ¾ 35 ⅜-52 ⅜