Spirit Animal Premium Unisex Bitcoin Hoodie for Teens
Spirit Animal Bitcoin Premium Hoodie For Teens - black
Spirit Animal Premium Unisex Bitcoin Hoodie for Teens

Spirit Animal Premium Unisex Bitcoin Hoodie for Teens

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Are you a believer is Bitcoin as astrologers are believers in the stars? For many, the significance of Bitcoin, blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency goes far beyond the idea of digital currency - the implications of these new technologies for the future of our modern world are almost spiritual to those who have been paying attention to this space. We get it. What better way to let people know you’re on board for a people-powered, decentralized, digitally secure, innovative and forward-thinking future, than to let them know there’s a new spirit animal and you’ve got it in your chart!

We know a hoodie needs to have just the right flare for a spot in the closet of a something-teen. With a few subtle details (like the adjustable drawstring and reinforced cuffs and waist) that pack a big punch and just the right amount of fitted, you’re looking at your new favorite hoodie. It’s warm, cozy and slightly tailored - high quality stitching ensures it's built to last, no matter how rough you are on it.

Made from 80% cotton, 20% polyester - the exterior material is a combed cotton finish while the inside is a soft, fuzzy fleece. The kangaroo-style pocket and small inner hood loop for headphone usage make this hoodie equal parts fashion and function. Item may run small - check the size chart and order according to your personal style preference!

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Youth S 18.23 in 15.98 in 15.47 in
Youth M 20.00 in 17.48 in 17.24 in
Youth L 21.50 in 18.98 in 18.98 in
Youth XL 23.98 in 19.49 in 20.47 in

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