Altcoin Life Cryptocurrency Light Terry Hoodie For Men (Dark) - charcoal gray
Altcoin Life Premium Bitcoin Pullover for Men - Black
Altcoin Life Premium Bitcoin Pullover for Men - Black

Altcoin Life Premium Bitcoin Pullover for Men - Black

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Affectionately named ‘shitcoins’ it’s safe to say the altcoins of the crypto world take a lot of, well...shit. But! Ya gotta love an underdog. Despite the naysayers, many have capitalized handsomely on shitcoins, and whilst they may not give Bitcoin or Ethereum a run for their money, some will be here to stay. Are you a shitcoin warrior? Doge, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, oh my! Which shitcoin are you riding to the moon?!

Calm, cool, casual. This lightweight, unisex terry hoodie is a basic essential. Little too cool for short sleeves? Little too warm for a full-on hoodie? Summer evenings, mornings before the sun warms the day, afternoon’s when the breeze picks up - this cozy, unencumbered pullover hoodie has your back. Made from a cotton/polyester mix, the textured, towel-like terry fabric is both soft and breathable. The rough-cut hems give this hoodie a bit of raw flare and style. The unisex cute does fall to the waist for more people and will be a slightly tighter fit for men, slightly more relaxed for women - choose your size accordingly!

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Unisex Lightweight Terry Hoodie | Spreadshirt 1194

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