About us

We’re blockchain nerds. Decentralized fanatics. Bitcoin hype men and women. Lovers of all things cryptocurrency. 

Like our good friend Satoshi Nakamoto we like to keep a low profile, helping change the world behind the scenes, one transaction at a time ;-) Like you, we wonder if we’ll all meet him one day. Hmmm. :)

If you’ve landed on our site, we assume you’re also a crypto ally. Whether you’re an early investor or a fan gearing up to get in the game, one thing we assume we’re all on the same page about: the more the world understands blockchain and the more people buy into cryptocurrencies, the better it is for all of us collectively!

So we wanted to do our part in helping to spread the good word. The one that is the future of the internet, of currencies, of banking, of data security - the future of our world as we know it, is currently riding the flow charts of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency ecosphere - the NEW digital economic atmosphere.

Take a look around, grab your favorite gear, and help keep the buzz loud and consistent.

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And please be sure to check out our return policy before placing your order; we’re doing our part to be kind to the Earth in this venture, we just ask that you do yours by paying attention ;-)

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