Top 10 Individuals With The Most Bitcoins?

Which individual owns the most Bitcoins?

You might have already heard about Bitcoin, and in case you haven't, we have an in-depth blog dedicated to that here.

Are you aware of the people with the most Bitcoins? These are not just millionaires, but billionaires. If you want to know who these individuals are, read on!

1. Satoshi Nakamato:

One of the most sought-after people in modern history, Satoshi Nakamoto is an elusive inventor and founder behind Bitcoin. He designed it to be a currency that could not get censored by any government or institution; thus becoming one of many methods for financial freedom around today’s globe!

He holds about 1 million bitcoins. Today, his wealth would amount to $35 billion if we were using today’s prices for Bitcoin (which could soon reach unprecedented levels). This makes him richer than many millionaires!

2. Micree Zhan:

Micree Zhan is an electrical engineering graduate from Shandong University who co-founded Bitmain technology, a leading crypto mining firm with Jihan Wu in 2013. He has been credited for building ASCI chips used by Bitmain Hardware to mine bitcoin on their hardware. As well as designing some of the world's most powerful computers that help others do this same thing. Better known widely across cyberspace where they go by names such Cryptocurrency Miners or ASIC miners designed specifically for mining cryptocurrency which also makes them extremely wealthy individuals due to its ever-growing value! Micree currently owns bitcoins worth around 3 billion dollars making him one of China’s wealthiest men

3. Chris Larsen:

The chairman and co-founder of Ripple. Chris has about 3 billion Ripple coins and owns a 17% shareholding of Ripple Labs, an American technology company that develops the Ripple payment protocol and exchange network.

Thanks to XRP token price proliferation, Larsen has increased his net worth by millions of dollars. His net worth is around $3.7 billion.

4. Changpeng Zhao:

Changpeng Zhao is a crypto tycoon, having made millions off of the skyrocketing bitcoin prices in recent years. He founded Binance and now has nearly $2 billion worth according to Forbes or Yahoo Finance's estimates because he invested most of his net-worth into cryptocurrency trading - which also increased greatly during this time frame!

5. Jihan Wu:

Jian Wu is a financial analyst and one of the co-founders of Bitmain technologies. He translated bitcoin's whitepaper into Chinese, which made him an influential figure in the Blockchain world in 2017! His fortune is estimated at $1.8 billion dollars."

6. Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss:

The Winklevoss twins are among the wealthiest crypto billionaires, with a combined fortune valued at over $11 million in 2013. They invested heavily into bitcoins through their company and have also backedBlockFi -a lending platform for cryptocurrency! The brothers own 3 out of every 4 Bitcoins ever created-making them some pretty wealthy folk indeed.

7. Xu Mingxing:

Mingxing Xu is the founder of, a globally-oriented BitCoin trading platform. His net worth is estimated to be around $1.4 Billion.

8. Matthew Roszak:

Matthew Roszak is one of the most successful investors in cryptocurrency who was first drawn to Bitcoin over 5 years ago. He invested his money into bitcoin early on, and it has paid off handsomely with $1.5 billion net worth so far!

9. Li Lin:

He is the founder of one of China's three major cryptocurrency exchanges and a leading digital currency trading platform, Huobi. His company was founded in 2013 with an estimated net worth of over $1B USD as well! He made number 9 on Forbes' list for Richest People In Cryptocurrency Business 2017-2018 edition.

He has been called "one to watch" by Bloomberg Billionaires Indexes due to his success at building up large multinational companies which handle transactions related solely to or mainly cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) Litecoin(LTC) Ethereum (ETH).

10. Tim Draper:

Tim Draper is a venture capitalist and Bitcoin collector who had his coins worth $18 million seized by US Marshals in 2014. He was later able to buy back those same bitcoins for an incredible gain of 1,700%. Tim has invested heavily into cryptocurrencies such as Coinbase (valued at over $85 billion), Ledger (over $1.5 Billion) & Tezos (over $6 Billion).


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